~ SEND YOUR SOUNDS ~ | Plate Recorder

In collaboration with Roy Maayan

and we will record the sound waves on ceramic plates.

Plates will be exhibited during Jerusalem Design Week.
A custom-made machine will etch the sound waves on ceramic plates, creating ‘ceramic records’.

Send us any sound that is meaningful to you.
It can be your kid's first giggle or maybe the thunders you recorded with your loved one, a song, a story or any other sound that is significant to you.
Write a few words describing the sound plus the date and place of the recording (if you know them).

~ HOW ~
Send sound\video files via your favorite platform (dropbox\wetransfer\googleDrive\pigeon\...) to

Don't forget to also send a short text + date + place.
The plates will be displayed anonymously, with a short title regarding their contents and the date and place of the recording (if known).
(* if you send a video we will only use its sound)

*** Please send us only files that you have the legal rights on. By sending us the files you are agreeing that we use them for the artwork Plate Recorder ❤

At times of information overload, we are constantly exposed to visual, auditory, and textual inputs. Social networks and news feed create new expression channels, yet, at the same time, challenge our ability to genuinely hear, see, and touch.

Plate Recorder is a digital era homage to analog, connecting sound, visual and matter in the physical domain. Ready-made ceramic plates are used as a medium for recording local real-time sounds. A custom-built painting machine is etching sound waves, creating ‘ceramic records’. Recorded plates are collected, creating a physical archive of sound and being.

The project was first exhibited at the Cluj Ceramics Biennale, 2017. Read more here!